Rain, Poetry And Thunder

So the rain's pouring down. There was a shitload of thunder in the last five minutes, which I attempted to record, and I posed a question (was it a question? Maybe not. Just a thought). We can write words and we can speak words, sentences, paragraphs, whole chapters, whole poems, epic ones, free verse ones,... Continue Reading →

Every one is precious. I am usually cautious with the expression 'hero' - all my life I have experienced inspiration from other people. I have noticed this has been independent of their social position, economic worth, their gender, sexual preferences, colour or creed. We are all heroes - but I also see these are special... Continue Reading →

Oktoberfest 2020: 6.3 Million Visitors Will Not Be Attending

Munich’s ‘Wiesn’ (Okoberfest) is billed as the biggest Volksfest (Folk Festival) in the world. Each year Munich hosts around 6.3 million visitors, in a 2 week period. Over the years it has grown into what it is today – a mammoth machine of marketing, tradition, and turbo-consumption. In 2019,  7.3 million liters of beer were... Continue Reading →

Noam Chomsky makes a good point (in various recent interviews) that historically, fascism was the state taking over all business and Trumpism is business / the corporate taking over the state – ‘isms’ are not carved in stone. The US has, in Trump, a wannabe autocrat / absolutist dictator - this is the worst aspects of... Continue Reading →


The last 3 months have witnessed a near-complete shutdown throughout the world – a shutdown economically and socially the likes of which no one has ever experienced on such a scale. A year ago the world’s concerns were the challenges of migration and a refugee crisis, the slowing down of China’s economic growth (which had... Continue Reading →

My oldest friend. I’ve had this album since I was 10 (I’m 57 now) - it reminds me of how much I love music, and how much music has given to me over the years. My gratitude goes out to all the musicians and those who help them - today I’ll slip this black vinyl... Continue Reading → RELOADED

In 2014 I launched my website: It was an effort to provide a platform / a showcase for my visual work. I draw, I paint, I take photos - I make pictures. I love making pictures. This love dates to my childhood. I still remember the excitement I felt when seeing pictures, and the... Continue Reading →

Grass, Weeds, Alignment and the Symbolic

The scenario:  You have a patch of raw earth outside, you’d like to turn into a lawn. You don’t want to slap on chunks of already grown grass (turf), but prefer starting with seeds - grass seeds, to be sown across prepared soil, and then nurtured, watered, observed, cared for and taken to a state... Continue Reading →

A Little Green Book I can imagine that you have a book or books, lying around where you are, now. A book that you have read, or a book that you're going to read, or a book that won't be read. I remember my first pay packet. It was literally a packet, a brown packet with with cash... Continue Reading →

Disruption, COVID-19, SEO & Staying Structured (& Flexible)

I've been working on yesanotherblog (YAB) and 53 Fragments over the last weeks. The work has been about setting up the blog 'YAB' (yesanotherblog) - working out how I want it to look and feel, and then implementing this design and intention. It has been a personal CTA (call to action).   In this process,... Continue Reading →

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