Under a Bridge – 2 January 2020 2020 is well underway, nearing the end of January. It's been a great start to the year. I would say, looking back in time, at 2019 last year, last year was an interesting year, a year that became a slow-motion crisis, or a crisis that ran its course in slow motion, culminating in a... Continue Reading →


Historically, some major conflicts in the world have been wrapped up in scapegoating –pointing the finger at this or that group of people. We all know the story about Hitler’s Nazism and its identification of Jewish people as the problem afflicting the world. Get rid of the Jews and everything would be so much better.... Continue Reading →


These are challenging times. Many of us, if not almost all of us, have been thrown out of the routines we have been used to. Some routines are connected exclusively to work (the 925, the flexi-time, freelance, interim, overtime, fulltime – you name it and it’s there – unless you happen to be unemployed or... Continue Reading →

Combatting COVID-19 – My local supermarket’s contribution

The toilet paper drama has become a distant memory. Earlier today my (soon to be) 15-year-old son said he had been watching YouTube videos, of people around the world fighting in shops over – toilet paper. During dinner, we talked about the Coronavirus (which dominates so much right now), and the experience of shopping. Earlier... Continue Reading →

New Heroines & Heroes Fighting COVID-19 Today is the day Sunday, which Sunday? 20th of March - could be (it's actually 23 March - I'm terrible with time & dates). I popped out for a little bicycle ride, and ended up in one of my favourite corners of the English garden (in Munich, where I live). And what was really... Continue Reading →

53 Fragments (in 5 parts) – RELOADED

the idea behind 53 fragments The origin of 53 Fragments goes back to the early part of 2014 (it was launched in September 2014).The idea of a ‘serial’ creation has a tradition stretching back a long way.  How we - as artists - use this is only as restricted as our needs and imagination. I... Continue Reading →

Healing and Growth in the Time of Coronavirus

In 2019 I was fired (as managing director, somewhere). It's a long story and the most important thing for me, was underestimating its consequent impact. An impact on an emotional level that was a bruise developing in extreme slow motion. Imperceptible over the following months yet ultimately profoundly debilitating. I had worked full time (drawing... Continue Reading →

WEBOLOGY, my first website In April/May 1999 I put up my first website. It was called WEBOLOGY. A friend, Kira Scurro, did the coding and we collaborated on the design. 21 years later I created and launched my first blog (the one you're in now) ( For the last 15 or more years I had forgotten about the... Continue Reading →

On the edge of a fountain in Munich

It's March 19, 2020. I'm sitting on the edge of a fountain in Munich. Behind me there's a statue called The Angel of Freedom. It's quite quiet on the streets. A few cars, though, whizzing around and a few bikes, mine included, which is stationary at the moment because I'm sitting at the edge of... Continue Reading →

On Depression and Reinvention

On depression. It's not like you have to have, or one has to have a deep-seated, deep-rooted depression ... root thing, that's run over years, if not, the whole life ... to ... experience depression. Life circumstances can change suddenly, or over a longer period of time. And present someone with challenges that, basically, outstrip... Continue Reading →

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