www.deanpasch.de RELOADED

In 2014 I launched my website: www.deanpasch.de

It was an effort to provide a platform / a showcase for my visual work. I draw, I paint, I take photos – I make pictures. I love making pictures. This love dates to my childhood. I still remember the excitement I felt when seeing pictures, and the excitement I felt when I made them myself. I remember one moment vividly – it was at junior school (around the age of 8 Years old), the teacher had asked us to draw what we thought God looked like. Admittedly I must improvise the words – that was almost 50 years ago, but I do recall the exact nature of the task. I remember drawing a picture of the planet earth, seen from space, and the planet was ringed with musical notes I remember. Further details are missing in my memory banks but the point is – I really enjoyed doing that drawing and have enjoyed making pictures throughout my life. The medium I use is less important to me than the sheer pleasure of making the picture. Over the years I’ve sold some, I’ve done commissioned illustration (a little) and I have treasured the pleasure I get from making my pictures and having them as my friends. The process itself is also a form of friendship. Of kinship. This probably sounds odd, possibly esoteric – but it isn’t for me. Making pictures has formed the bedrock of my being alive from an early age and continues to do so. I suspect I am not alone in this – but the making-pictures could be any form of endeavor really.

Anyway – I created my website 6 years ago then neglected it. It hung out on its own – no updates, no tweaks – nothing. But it faithfully stood its ground online, and over these last 6 years provided a home on the internet for my pictures.

I’d been meaning to redress this for the last year, but procrastination got the better of me (and some other interruptions) and certain technical hurdles presented themselves, that slowed me down further and deepened the delay. However, the current COVID-19 crisis has unleashed a lot of shaking-up type action (for a lot of people) – in a myriad of ways and manners. Amongst many things, for me personally – it has meant finally grappling with the wish to relaunch my little website. Potter around with new galleries and redefine categories. I make pictures on a daily base and it’s silly not to give some of them a chance to get off my desk/harddrive.

Because I recently launched a dedicated blog (www.yesanotherblog) I have decided, for now, to leave http://www.deanpasch.de without a blog dimension. That does mean it’s not a very interactive thing – more a place to visit and browse around. There are hundreds of pictures to look at and enough additional information on offer through the links. They love finding new homes and yes – that is a most unsubtle hint. I also write poetry and make little films too – and those can be followed by following the links and the hand-drawn social icons dotted around the website (as well as here too of course). I do welcome comments, thought sharing, collaboration ideas and plain old likes.

So that’s it. http://www.deanpasch.de formally announces its relaunch.

www.deanpasch.de RELOADED

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