Moaning (&Me)

I was thinking of what I would like to write about for ‘yesanotherblog’ and a number of themes/topics popped up in my mind: poetry (& me), film(making) (&me), picture making (& me), music (&me). The ‘&me’ angle is designed to personalize the writing – making it less an objective statement and more a subjective expression.... Continue Reading →

Film (making) & Me

My earliest memory of seeing a film projected goes back (I think) to my years at junior school. I’m pretty sure it was a 16mm projected screening of The Wizard of Oz – took place in the assembly hall. Then there were the Saturday mornings in a cinema auditorium filled mostly with young kids (myself... Continue Reading →

Dust (4 June 2016 – 4 June 2021)

5 years ago, I sat down and decided to write without a reason. That was June 4 in 2016. Today I return to that text that began with “I continue to deal in broad brushstrokes as well as details best handled by either a 2 H pencil or a finely tipped ink type thing.”The broad-brush... Continue Reading →


The world is well into the second year of the COVID-19 pandemic. So far the toilet paper and pasta seem to be holding up well. I recall reading, sometime at the end of February – about a virus alert in Italy. Alarmingly large numbers of people were becoming infected by a severe respiratory virus and... Continue Reading →

Dean interviews M G Boulter

21 FRAGMENTS: LIFE IN THE TIME OF COVID-19 / an online collaboration involving 29 people, from around the world (musicians, visual artists, writers, filmmakers). Between June and November 2020 – the project seeks to explore these unusual times in a world of pandemic — through picture, word and music, poetry, song, essay and visual art.... Continue Reading →


If we are to be shipwrecks in the desert, then let there be storms as well as safe harbours, wind as well as its absence, suns, and moons shaping tideless tides, imagination framing the frameless pictures and silence inviting words aboard and weighing and dropping anchor as shipwrecks in the desert. Creating is a process... Continue Reading →

A New Chapter Begins / Coach – Trainer – Artist

2020 has been very much about personal growth.And a new chapter of life, for everyone, during this time of a global pandemic.A freshly completed full-time Coach & Trainer course has given me new skills, methods, techniques - and copious amounts of inspiration.The rest of 2020 will be about growing the new chapter of my working... Continue Reading →


I read somewhere one shouldn’t make fun of conspiracy theory (posts). Well fuck that – I find them irritating, insulting, and yes – dangerous. It’s remarkable how ‘new-age’, esoteric-driven folk are falling for them. That is a generalization and I hope it’s a flimsy impression on my part.In Germany – the conspiracy theory merry-go-round has... Continue Reading →

LIFE IN THE TIME OF COVID-19 / 21 Fragments – looking back looking forward & vice versa

21 Fragments: Life in the time of Covid-19 / an online collaboration – approaches the half-way point. I conceived the project back in April. It was 2 April 2020 - to be specific. I had been harboring a wish to create a new online collaboration – after the highly rewarding experience of my first attempt... Continue Reading →

We are into the middle of 2020 (though given the nature of calendars, years defined by different cultures and traditions - ambiguity is close at hand). It’s anywhere between a few months and 6 months that people around the world have, in one way or another, to one degree or another – been affected and... Continue Reading →

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