LIFE IN THE TIME OF COVID-19 / 21 Fragments – looking back looking forward & vice versa

21 Fragments: Life in the time of Covid-19 / an online collaboration – approaches the half-way point. I conceived the project back in April. It was 2 April 2020 – to be specific.

I had been harboring a wish to create a new online collaboration – after the highly rewarding experience of my first attempt at such a project (53 Fragments – in five parts).

At the start of 2020 I found the strength, energy and focus to unleash a concrete concept – I wanted to curate / create a mosaic, a tapestry, a kaleidoscope of impressions and expressions – reflections from within and without. This should again include contributions from musicians, visual artists and poets.

What was still missing was a theme that could lend itself to my wishes. As 2020 unfolded that lack of a theme filled by the emergence of a global pandemic. The Coronavirus gathered impact and magnitude. By early March it was abundantly clear this was not going away anytime soon. The panic buying kicked in, peaking with the infamous spat of the absence of toilet paper in shops and the hoarding of pasta.

During this period, I decided the theme of my new project would be Covid-19. It would be a project running over a couple of months and would present people’s lives in the time of the Corona virus pandemic – through music, pictures, words and video / film.

I welcome anyone reading this blog to pay a visit to 21 Fragments: Life in the time of Covid-19. Feel free to add your comments / own experiences in the comments section.

It will be running until the end of October – each week a new fragment.

Most of all – be well and stay safe

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