Toilet Paper & the Grail

Today a friend jokingly referred to a roll of toilet paper as the grail. The recent disappearance of extremely large quantities of toilet paper, from shelves around the world, has puzzled me a lot. It’s weird and absurd, as well as being a sign of deep-seated selfishness and anti-social behaviour. What will normal buyers of this item do, when there is none left (except for mountains of the stuff in homes around the planet – piled up in secret bog-roll hideaways). Who does this? Why do they do it? Toilet paper? Okay with the pasta thing it’s about food. Although really, how much pasta can you eat? So yes, the toilet paper panic-buy deluge intrigues me. I guess some people are simply full of shit.

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  1. Fortunately for us here in New Zealand, toilet paper’s stopped being sold out 🙂

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