What am I about? What is my landscape of being? Who am I? What makes me me?

I’m about inclusivity. That means (mostly) when I meet people, I try to be open, to be as free as possible from pre-judgement, and ready for some friendly contact.

I’m about having and exploring a myriad of interests: art, culture, film, reading, music, cooking, being in nature, walking, hiking, authentic interactions with other people –basically everything and anything that can nourish me.

I love making pictures. That includes photography, drawing, painting, and a combination of all those methods and forms.

I love words. I write poetry when I feel a desire and need to do so. I write stories. I write my views, thoughts, opinions and reflections. I write for myself and also enjoy sharing what I write. This is one of the reasons I am attracted to creating a blog.

I love making films / videos. I love moving images and sounds working together. I find this the most difficult to do.

I am about other people; being interested in them and their worlds, stories, emotions, pictures and words.

I am obsessive and have addictive tendencies. These qualities have their upsides and their downsides too. I have a melancholic streak coursing through me, combined with a positive, frivolous, humorous disposition.

I am drawn to discovering both what we share in common, as well as what differentiates each of us from one another. I enjoy this kaleidoscope of being. I believe in deepening its mystery as much as possible.

This is what underlies the tagline of this blog:

Let’s be different and the same

Some technical details of who I am:
I was born on 4 March 1963 in the English city of Leicester. I grew up there. I spent 10 years living, working and studying in London. That time began when I was nearly 18 and at the age of 27 I moved to Germany. I’ve been living in Germany since December 1990.

For details about my 40 years of wage-slavery, Linkedin is the place to look.

Additionally, I have made films, written poetry, made pictures, designed book covers, created and participated in online cultural projects. More information about these activities are sprinkled throughout this blog and other web sites.

I think I need a couple of websites to approach an encapsulation of my life and creative endeavours. A web of websites interconnected on the internet. In some ways they are the same and yet they are all different. And vice versa.

I could go on
& I will

Please feel free to join me
On this journey of discovery

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