New Heroines & Heroes Fighting COVID-19

Today is the day Sunday, which Sunday? 20th of March – could be (it’s actually 23 March – I’m terrible with time & dates).

I popped out for a little bicycle ride, and ended up in one of my favourite corners of the English garden (in Munich, where I live). And what was really nice and interesting is, um, I think this is the garden of poets (Poet’s Garden). Here there’s a statue, from a distance I saw it had a white coat on, so I made my way to it. And it’s a statue of Chopin commemorating a concert he gave, I think, 1839 or something and, yeah, it’s not a joke – they put a doctor’s coat on him and a stethoscope around his shoulders, and some glasses at his feet. And the sign that’s on the plinth, it’s in German -And it basically says: “time for the new heroes.Thank you to all the doctors and nurses (and health care workers) fighting against COVID- 19“

So – that’s quite interesting and a lovely idea, and I’ll have to listen to some Chopin when I get home.

There were absolutely no groups of people around. Single people and couples were out, getting some exercise and fresh air. Later in the day the announcement from the government came that only a maximum of 2 people was now allowed on the street – and those 2 had to be family or in a partnership.  The intensity of the challenge of containment is increasing. What was an appeal to stay indoors has now become an absolute necessity. Life is not how it was and will not be how it was again. We all know how quickly we can slip back into former habits – I am certain this is different. How we get through this and what we make of it is occupying millions and millions and millions of people in every corner of the world.

I am grateful, very grateful for the medical staff (of all kinds) helping us during this crisis and grateful to all the people working in shops – on the front-line of this crisis.

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