Under a Bridge – 2 January 2020

2020 is well underway, nearing the end of January. It’s been a great start to the year. I would say, looking back in time, at 2019 last year, last year was an interesting year, a year that became a slow-motion crisis, or a crisis that ran its course in slow motion, culminating in a profound crisis, the end of the year and December. A Crisis, of which I won’t go into the details of. But it was profound and it was major and it was a moment that was self-initiated, preceded by some things that were not self-initiated but came at me. The profound crisis threw me into, gently but firmly into 2020. This year I would see as a year of growth, gentle growth, dynamic growth, sustainable growth, healing, healing from the smarts and wounds and bruises and knocks and trials and tribulations that defined a good deal of the slow-motion crisis of last year. Being under the bridge, being under this bridge feels good because it’s a bridge that’s not going to fall down on me. And it’s a bridge that bridges a beautiful stretch of water called the Isar. And winter is a gorgeous season. And so is spring and so is summer,¬† and so is autumn. In fact, all the seasons are really lovely in their own unique, individual way. So I’ll leave that as that, on a note of silence, ripples in the water, sunlight catching the water’s surface and having that lovely glistening effect.

And that’s it.

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    1. Haven’t they just Kira! Only 2 weeks ago (or perhaps it was a tiny bit longer ago) I was skyping with a US lady, who was planning her cultural 3 months trip to Germany and Holland. She asked me about the situation and with good conscience, I said things were not so bad in Germany but it was good she wasn’t going to Italy. a week if not a few days later – the shit well and truly hit the fan. My own personal crisis very much prepared me to be well-equipped for current events. My healing continues unabated and Mother Nature doesn’t seem to give a monkeys about the coronavirus. It is a monumental crisis – a disruption of epic proportions. It’s incredible and offers so many opportunities of a positive kind. Of course, I am truly sorry for all the suffering this also means.

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