Every one is precious. I am usually cautious with the expression ‘hero’ – all my life I have experienced inspiration from other people. I have noticed this has been independent of their social position, economic worth, their gender, sexual preferences, colour or creed. We are all heroes – but I also see these are special times, revealing the value of certain groups of people more than ever before.

Where would we be without the shop workers – helping us get our supplies and keeping the shelves stocked – and from my experience, these days doing so at risk to their health – and for very low pay. They have been greatly exploited over the years and greatly under-appreciated. I do applaud them as a group of people and admire them individually.

For medical workers these times have also brought increased levels of stress and danger. I have always personally been grateful we have doctors and nurses – but also the myriad of other health workers – with title and visibility that up to now remained relatively unimportant. I also applaud their efforts and the risks they are taking in their work.

Gratitude and sharing it – this is a valuable fertilizer for life.

Let’s be grateful and acknowledge the hitherto invisible and under-appreciated. When this is over let’s redress the inequalities the Covoid-19 crisis is revealing.

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