Noam Chomsky makes a good point (in various recent interviews) that historically, fascism was the state taking over all business and Trumpism is business / the corporate taking over the state – ‘isms’ are not carved in stone. The US has, in Trump, a wannabe autocrat / absolutist dictator – this is the worst aspects of corporate America, seeking the maximum possible dismantling of the US, in the interests of the infamous 1 per cent. The Republicans are no longer politicians – they are paid henchmen of the coup – along with a certain vein of the Democrat party. It’s a return of the robber barons, fascism and bad haircuts, all rolled into one. The opportunity for corporations, globally, to take a stand against Trumpism, American exceptionalism and isolationism is of major importance.

To what extent are the big corporate ‘players’ willing to oppose the Trump onslaught? What strategies do major corporations have to undermine the Trump project? In these Covid-19 times there is, I am sure, many opportunities to turn back the Trump tide. The new disruption disrupts his own disruption, in ways the (lack of) an opposition seemed to be incapable of.

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