WEBOLOGY, my first website

In April/May 1999 I put up my first website. It was called WEBOLOGY. A friend, Kira Scurro, did the coding and we collaborated on the design.

21 years later I created and launched my first blog (the one you’re in now) (www.yesanotherblog.com). For the last 15 or more years I had forgotten about the website. It hadn’t been online for that long and, my contact with Kira has experienced a lull – if not to say a hibernation.

Good connections and friendships never die. A few weeks ago I asked Kira if she still had our website – and she did some rummaging, in her archives and yes, Webology was still there and ready to reenter the internet – live.

So I give you:

http://kirascurro.com/webology/index1.htm It’s 21 years old and yes, I retain a soft spot for it. It represents my first fully-fledged encounter with the internet / web. It was a home to my writing and ideas and a moment I left typewriter, paper and pen and embraced the online thing.

Check it out and see what you think. And feel free to let me know your thoughts.

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