Curling Trunk

My best advice is always
the one where I tell them:
“You are your own worst

Their eyes sprout shoots of anger
the way joining the ‘wrong’ queue
turns patience into regret.
My trunk curls as I rub in a lost set

of keys, a misplaced note and
a blue screen digital nightmare.
They know their choices
as much through loss as through

discovery. I help them lose things:
Friends, lovers, remote
controls and the best of all,

I give them words to fill up
silence, silence to efface sentences
and surprise to conquer disappointment.

My commitment to hindering and
assisting is only as limited
as the scope of a desire to change;
and change is my favourite lubricant.

the mellow feel of experience.
Call me whatever name you will but
remember one thing:

Wisdom is a word for the presence
of silence articulated by thought.

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