These are challenging times. Many of us, if not almost all of us, have been thrown out of the routines we have been used to. Some routines are connected exclusively to work (the 925, the flexi-time, freelance, interim, overtime, fulltime – you name it and it’s there – unless you happen to be unemployed or... Continue Reading →

Combatting COVID-19 – My local supermarket’s contribution

The toilet paper drama has become a distant memory. Earlier today my (soon to be) 15-year-old son said he had been watching YouTube videos, of people around the world fighting in shops over – toilet paper. During dinner, we talked about the Coronavirus (which dominates so much right now), and the experience of shopping. Earlier... Continue Reading →

Toilet Paper Part 2

I had a lovely shopping experience this evening. I say that without a shred of irony permeating the sentence. It was 7 in the evening and I cycled off to the local supermarket, in search of a carton of eggs. I had certainly given up on toilet paper and earlier in the day, the kitchen... Continue Reading →

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